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What Was the Most Difficult Home to Sell and Why?

According to real estate professionals, the most difficult homes to sell often have a quirky, unusual design or unique features. When it comes to selling these homes, the more difficult they are to sell, the longer it takes. In one case, Simpkins had to change her marketing strategy after a couple of months, encouraging buyers to imagine living in the space as a vacation rental, a live-in relative, or for an Airbnb business. Simpkins urged sellers to be patient when it comes to selling unusual or quirky properties.

Among the reasons why some homes are difficult to sell are unattractive features and bad odors. Three real estate agents we contacted said that bad odors, including those from cats and cigarettes, turned off prospective buyers. The lack of natural light in a home also turned off potential buyers. Other issues that could keep a home from selling include the lack of a garage or a large yard.

Homes that don’t sell within 10 days or 120 days will ultimately need to be priced lower. The peak selling season is long past, and time kills homes that are overpriced. The first step in preparing a home to sell is to determine what repairs, upgrades, and upgrades need to be made. For example, if a furnace is over 10 years old, a seller may decide to upgrade it rather than lower it. Getting feedback from showings is also essential.

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