What to Know Before Applying for a Bank Mortgage Loan in Singapore

Mortgage loans in Singapore are an attractive option for those looking for financing due to their relatively low rates, but before taking that big step, it’s important you have all your ducks in order. Here are several things you need to know before applying for one of these loans.

1) You have to have a worthy reason for applying for a mortgage loan:

This is true of nearly every process in Singapore. You must have a big enough reason for getting a bank loan and not just apply for it out of curiosity. This would imply that you must have the means to pay off the loan, which almost all Singapore citizens do not have in excess unless they have a rich uncle willing to give them money without expecting anything in return.

2) Pre-approval:

You need to know that pre-approval does not mean approval:

If you are keen on getting a bank loan, you should find out before applying that your application has been pre-approved. This means that the bank had been thinking about you before they even assigned you a loan officer, and they are now just waiting to see if you go on to apply for the bank mortgage loan in Singapore.

3) You need thorough research:

You may have heard that some banks have a minimum loan amount that you have to reach for them to approve your application. It is important that you get hold of the exact requirements of the bank before submitting an application. You should be familiar with their internal processes, what exactly they look for when deciding on someone’s eligibility, and trying not to be caught by surprise if they turn down your application. Researching is also important for getting the most out of your bank mortgage loan in Singapore: it will allow you to find better deals and understand mortgage calculations better.

4) You can get pre-approved for multiple banks at the same time:

You do not have to limit yourself to one bank if you are looking to get a mortgage loan in Singapore. Research all the banks that offer home loans and see which ones have the best terms for you. If you are going through this process, it is better to apply at several banks and wait until they tell you that they cannot give you a loan before making your final decision. This will allow you to have more options later on.

5) The minimum loan amount may change:

Generally, the minimum amount of the bank mortgage loan in Singapore will depend on your income and your status as a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. However, there are some banks that may have a minimum loan amount of five or six times the monthly income that you earn.

6) The first installment is on top:

You must be aware of the fact that the first installment for the loan will come out of your current income and not from somewhere else in your budget. You should have a budget for the first month, which is the installment that you need to pay on your mortgage loan. If you don’t have any money left for your first installment, you will not be able to get a bank loan at all. You should try and be prepared for this by saving enough money from your monthly income before applying.


Being prepared for what the bank will ask you is important when you are getting a bank loan. You need to know exactly how your application process works so that you do not get caught by surprise or thrown off course by something that you did not expect. You should also know exactly how much money you will have to pay back every month, what type of loans they offer, and what the terms of their installment schedule are, which will allow you to make informed decisions before applying.

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