What to Consider When You Want to Send a Parcel from Australia

Nearly everyone in today’s world relies on eCommerce for their shopping needs. We order items from around the world and have them delivered to our doorsteps with ease. The constant need for speed has led to many people opting for express shipping services such as DHL. When you are ready to send a parcel from Australia, you must consider the following aspects:

1) Weight:

First, sending a parcel that will not exceed the maximum weight limit set by Australia Post is essential. This is crucial since exceeding the weight allowed by Australia Post will result in you paying extra money for the parcel to be delivered to its destination. For instance, if your parcel weighs 300 grams, you will be charged according to a weight of up to 2 kg. If it exceeds 2 kg, you will be charged for the weight exceeding that.

2) Size:

Another important point to note is Australia Post’s size restrictions for parcels. Even though there are certain preset size restrictions for sending a parcel from Australia, there are times when the size of your item exceeds the specifications set by Australia Post. Should this happen, you will be charged according to the weight and size of your parcel.

3) Country:

Australia Post requires that you send your goods to a country specified by Australia Post. Your parcel will not be shipped if you are not sending it to a country mentioned by Australia Post on their website. This goes for any type of goods: from food items such as fresh fruits and vegetables to household items such as household appliances, clothing, and more.

4) Destination:

You are allowed to send parcels to any destination. When you are ready to send a parcel from Australia, you must provide the recipient’s correct address. Additionally, you must provide a proper address to deliver your parcel.

5) Customs:

In addition to providing the correct address, you must also provide the proper customs clearance number. This number is required to deliver your parcel artdailynewsonline. This customs number can be found on the label of your parcel, which is usually the one found on the side of your parcel.

6) Documents:

To send a parcel from Australia, you must provide all the documents required by Australia Post. These documents are necessary to take care of every aspect of your delivery. In addition to this, you must also provide all information in English. You will not be allowed to send a parcel in any other form or fashion.

7) Delivery:

It is not enough to just provide the documents required by Australia Post. In addition, you must also identify a reliable courier service by either selecting DHL or Australia Post Express irtdaily. Once you have chosen the company that will deliver your parcel, you must provide the courier with the necessary information pertaining to your delivery. This includes:

8) Preparing for the Shipment:

You must prepare your parcel before the time of Shipment. Pack the items carefully and place them in their respective boxes that best suit their contents. Place them so they will be protected from damage during transit businesslognews.

9) Freight:

Freight Forwarding is the process of shipping goods from one country to another. Freight Forwarding companies provide their users with many services, including customs clearance and VAT & GST advice. A freight forwarding company can also provide you with a preferred freight carrier, ensuring the fastest delivery of your parcel to its destination.


Overall, sending a parcel from Australia is very easy. If you follow the necessary steps and provide the correct information, you will be able to do it easily. Please contact us today to learn more about sending parcels from Australia and how freight forwarding services can help you send them easily.

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