What is the Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

If you’re struggling with your website’s SEO, it’s important to understand how search engines rank websites. Google, for example, ranks sites based on their relevance to the query that was typed. A good SEO strategy includes implementing on-page SEO practices that go beyond the use of headings and meta descriptions. It should take into account search intent, related entities, and depth and breadth of coverage. It should also consider internal links and page speed, as Google began taking page speed into account when ranking websites in its SERPs in 2018.

While it’s possible to rank high for highly competitive keywords, the strategy should be tailored to your company’s goals. Ranking in the top five positions of search results is not an easy feat. Creating content around high-traffic keywords is likely not the most effective approach if you don’t want to spend time acquiring new customers. Rather, your SEO strategy should address your business’s needs and help you get more customers.

For example, you can increase the time visitors spend on your site and boost engagement by embedding an Instagram Feed plugin into a website. With the help of this action, you’ll increase a base of followers on your Instagram profile quickly and easily.

A good SEO strategy should include optimizing the website and content for different devices. This is necessary because not only does it help with indexing, it also allows you to improve your company profile. Using public-facing keywords and signals that identify authority will boost your site’s rankings. Another important consideration is mobile SEO. Mobile optimization ensures that visitors on mobile devices can access the site’s content and experience, similar to desktop users.

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