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Tips to be Successful as a Self-employed Delivery Driver

Working for yourself can be very liberating in a lot of ways, but it can also come with additional pressures. You are the one responsible for managing your weekly schedule and sourcing work, and the risk of an unstable income can become stressful quickly. However, if you do manage to build a strong customer base, becoming self-employed could be an incredible experience for you. As a delivery driver, you might already be familiar with some of the pressures of driving around all day and having to be responsible for the safe arrival of people’s items. Working for a big company can also be hard at times, particularly if they are expecting you to work long hours, as this can take its toll. If you are a delivery driver who would like to try and find success in self-employment, here are some tips for you.

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1. Create a Website for Your Services

Any business needs to have an online presence, and if you want to source more jobs, you will need to promote your services here as well. Creating a professional website can help you attract more customers and allow them to book slots and pay for their deliveries. It can also be an ideal space to share more information about the kind of deliveries you can do, for example, whether you with deliver large items of furniture, or if you are happy to do long-distance jobs. Use social media as a free tool to promote your services as well.

2. Source Work on Other Sites

Taking booking through your website is a great way to get jobs, but there are other websites you can use to help you source more work. This can be ideal for those who are starting and are yet to build a list of regular clients. If you are looking for shipping work, start with sites like You could use this service or a similar one to source a lot of work, to begin with, or just to do a few extra jobs to boost your income.

3. Keep a Good Work/Life Balance

When you start working for yourself, you might feel the pressure to take on a lot and work around the clock. While it is important to make sure you are finding jobs and building relationships with your customers, you do need to make sure you are taking time for yourself as well. Having a good work/life balance is important to help reduce stress and avoid burnout. It is even more essential for those who do get behind the wheel as part of their job, as you need to make sure you’re not exhausted so that it’s safe for you to drive. Consider setting yourself set hours each day with scheduled days off each week and make sure you are sticking to this routine.

If you are thinking about becoming a self-employed delivery driver, consider the tips listed here to help you start your journey and find success.

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