Ticketed Spaces on Twitter

Twitter has now opened up their Spaces feature to all creators, enabling them to sell tickets to exclusive events. Initially launched in August for a select group of iOS users, this functionality is now being extended across all creators.

Ticketed Spaces allows participants worddocx to charge their followers for tickets to an event, with prices ranging from $1-999. This can be a great way for brands to connect with their audience through live experiences, giving them the chance to engage with fans and increase revenue. However, it’s essential that if you plan on using this feature, make sure your Space is set up correctly so users can pay access.

Twitter recently created Ticketed Spaces hdxwallpaper as a means of giving creators on the platform another way to monetize their work. This follows other monetization features they’ve been testing out lately, such as Super Follows and paid newsletters.

How Ticketed Spaces Work

To get started, create a Space in the telesup Twitter app and set a ticket price. After that, share it with your followers and let them know when it will take place. If they are interested in attending, they can purchase a ticket by clicking on the link provided.

Additionally, you can set a limit on how many tickets people can purchase for the Space. Doing this helps keep the event exclusive and happn increases the likelihood that only those with access will be able to attend.

Once the event has concluded, you can cancel your Space and request a refund from either Apple or Google. In case someone has purchased roobytalk a ticket, they will be notified via Twitter app or email.

Although this feature is still in beta, it allows creators to receive up to 97% of their revenue from ticket sales after fees are deducted by both Apple and Google. While this can be a lucrative way to make extra cash, keep in mind that Twitter will take an extensive portion of your earnings once you reach $50,000 in lifetime earnings.

Apply to be part of the Ticketed Spaces test group by visiting the Monetization page within Twitter App and filling out the application form. You must be 18 or older, have over 1000 followers, and have hosted three or more Spaces within 30 days.

At present, Ticketed Spaces is only available for iOS users; however, it will soon be made available to Android broadcasters as well. This new feature is one of Twitter’s many efforts to make its platform more creator-friendly.

In the near future, the company plans to introduce various monetization tools such as live chats inside Communities and themed stations. Furthermore, it’s working on a paid newsletter service that will provide members with more content than they would typically receive for free.


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