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The Best Floral Boxes in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide

 If you’ve ever ordered flowers online, you know how tricky it can be to find the best boxes for them. There are so many variables – size, shape, color, pattern, and materials, that it can feel like a game of “20 Questions” whenever you shop for them. That’s why we’ve written this ultimate guide to the best floral boxes in Singapore. From small wooden boxes to large glass vases, read on for our top recommendations about the best floral boxes in Singapore.

What is a Floral Box?

A floral box is a container that holds fresh flowers in the traditional vase design. A floral box can be anything from a simple box with holes cut into the sides for stems to an elaborate table-top piece made of crystal and glass. The best part about floral boxes is that they can be used for your home or business. There are plenty of websites that offer large numbers of these boxes with varying quality and prices. But not all of them are created equal, so read on for our picks on the best floral boxes in Singapore:

Types of Floral Boxes

Shallow Floral boxes – These boxes are shallow enough to hold a single stem yet have a wide base to support the rest of the bouquet. If you’re looking for a box that can accommodate a lot of stems, this is probably the most popular option.

Deep Floral Boxes – These boxes work best for long-stemmed flowers and are usually made of glass or crystal. They are also deep enough to hold quite a few stems without difficulty, making them perfect for parties or events where you want to add lots of flowers without worrying about how they will look on your table.

Square / Rectangular Floral Boxes – These are ideal for weddings and parties, as they have the most volume in the smallest area. The best ones come with all sides scalloped, so stems will fit securely into them.

Why Buy a Floral Box?

For Pre-wedding Preparation – Floral boxes can be used to prepare flowers and display them before a wedding. With a few days to get ready for an event, it’s important to be able to choose the best blooms in advance and have them delivered on time. MybridFlowers offers a pretty wide selection of floral boxes that you can use for this purpose:

For a Small Anniversary Celebration – You can also use floral boxes to deliver flowers for other occasions. This is where floral boxes come in handy, as you can use them for a small party and store the rest until another occasion comes around. People celebrating a casual wedding anniversary are often concerned about the cost of the event and whether it will be more affordable if they limit the number of flowers used.

Materials to Look for in Good Floral Boxes

Wood – Wooden boxes are really popular because they are durable, attractive, and easy on your wallet if you have just a few or want to order more than one box to save on delivery costs. The other benefit of wooden boxes is that they are more eco-friendly than glass or crystal ones.

Metal – As mentioned before, there are plenty of metal floral boxes on the market that offers quality at a low price. Some good examples are the wooden boxes from Bearloon SG. The latter also comes with FREE delivery worldwide!

Glass – Crystal and glass box options definitely come with their own pros and cons, so do your research before choosing one for your needs. Crystal is pretty heavy and fragile in comparison to wood, but it’s also much more expensive than wood, so expect to pay a premium for it if you choose that option.

Floral boxes are a great way to capture a concrete memory of your love, whether it be for yourself or for somebody special. Shop around for the best deals and read our guide for tips on choosing the most suitable box for your needs.

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