Physical Therapy and Knee Surgery – Can Physical Therapy Replace the Need For Surgery?

While you might be tempted to skip physical therapy and opt for surgery after knee injury, the truth is that there are many advantages to the process. Physical therapists have access to various tools that allow them to perform various exercises and promote recovery. Unlike surgeons, physical therapists don’t require you to do a 10-mile treadmill run or heavy weightlifting. Water-based training is especially beneficial because it reduces the amount of strain on the muscles. Furthermore, assisted exercises can help prevent strain on the muscles and joints.

While physical therapy is not a replacement for surgery, it can greatly reduce post-operative pain and recovery time. If you have a knee injury, for example, physical therapy can help you prepare for the procedure, reduce the downtime afterward, and even help you return to normal activity afterward. During these sessions, you will learn how your joints function and measure your range of motion. You can also discuss your goals with your physical therapist, including when you can start exercising after surgery.

Apart from decreasing pain and restoring mobility, physical therapy helps patients recover from knee injuries faster than conventional medicine. It also prevents scar tissue formation and reduces the number of prescription narcotics. Physical therapy also provides pain management, so that patients can reduce or avoid using opioid medications. This is an important consideration for patients. Physical therapy will help you return to normal activities faster than surgery. When compared with surgery, physical therapy is the best way to heal from a knee or hip injury.

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