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Moove Africa has launched a new series of financing called the 105M Series to allow more women to purchase a car. Moove uses its revenue-based financing model to enable a greater percentage of women to access automobile loans. It is committed to helping at least fifty percent of its customers be women. Moove has also expanded its reach to six cities.

Moove raises $105 million in new Series A2 financing

The Nigerian startup Moove is pioneering revenue-based vehicle financing in Africa. Since its launch, Moove has helped thousands of mobility entrepreneurs get their vehicles. It offers three product categories: new cars, delivery and trucks.

Moove is currently operating in six African cities. In its first year of operation, Moove has financed more than 3 million rides. Now, the company plans to expand into more markets. Aside from cars, Moove will also finance trucks and buses.

Moove’s goal is to “democratise” vehicle ownership in Africa. Currently, only 5% of vehicles purchased in Africa are financed. This means most Africans can’t purchase a car because they don’t have the collateral.

Moove’s revenue-based financing model

Moove is a Nigerian mobility fintech startup that provides a revenue-based vehicle financing model. It is aimed at helping the continent’s billion people access vehicles that would otherwise be out of reach.

Moove combines technology and data to empower a new generation of mobility entrepreneurs. The company also provides flexible payment plans and integration with popular ride-hailing platforms. In addition, Moove is dedicated to helping women get a better foothold in the transportation industry.

Moove’s revenue-based vehicle financing model is currently available in six African cities, including Kenya and Nigeria. In the next six months, Moove plans to expand into seven new markets. They plan to do so through partnerships with Uber and a host of other transportation networks.

Moove’s commitment to ensuring that at least 50% of its customers are women

The Moove is a Lagos-born fintech startup that has financed more than 30,000 vehicles in six markets across sub-Saharan Africa. The company has also raised over $200 million to date. As it continues to scale up its business, it plans to expand its offerings and take advantage of the increasing demand for transportation services from ride-hailing marketplaces such as Uber and Grab.

The Moove is also known for its commitment to ensuring at least 50 percent of its customers are female. Its vehicle financing technology is designed to help more women access flexible employment and to increase road safety. Moove has recently announced a $10 million financing deal with NBK Capital Partners.

Moove’s product design enables more women to access automobile financing

Moove is a new startup aiming to provide consumers with an affordable and scalable solution to their mobility woes. This is achieved through a revenue based vehicle finance scheme. The company is currently operating in seven African cities, with plans to expand into a number of emerging markets in the near future. It has also been awarded the IFC’s annual corporate award for its contribution to the mobility space, a nod to the company’s dedication to innovation.

Moove is also a big fan of the EV, with a large focus on ensuring that its EV vehicles are affordable. One of the company’s most interesting initiatives is its partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide a variety of transportation solutions.

Moove expands into six cities

Moove Africa, a mobility fintech startup, recently raised a 105 million series. The round, led by Left Lane Capitals, Kepple Africa Ventures and Tekton, will help the company expand to seven new markets in Asia and Europe.

Moove aims to close the vehicle financing gap in emerging markets by providing affordable car loans to mobility entrepreneurs. This is done through a revenue-based vehicle finance model that embeds alternative credit scoring technology on e-logistics and ride-hailing platforms. It also provides access to proprietary performance analytics to enable mobility entrepreneurs to make more effective decisions about their fleets.

With over three million rides and more than 25 million kilometers, Moove has proven its effectiveness. Over the last six months, the company has grown 50% month-on-month, and plans to expand its presence in seven new markets within the next six months.

Moove’s impact at the core of its growth

It’s no secret that Moove is currently the fastest growing mobility technology company on the continent. The startup’s mantra is that the company’s impact at the core of its growth. Moove is the undisputed supplier of vehicles for Uber, the leading ridesharing company in the world. In fact, Moove is the largest vehicle supply partner in the EMEA region. So far, it’s managed to secure over $200 million in funding to date. Not bad for a startup that’s a two year old.

In the grand scheme of things, Moove is currently operating in a whopping nine countries. Its home base is in Amsterdam, but it has a presence in Lagos, Johannesburg, and Accra. As for growth, it’s on track to reach a fleet of 30,000 vehicles by 2021.

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