How to Safely Wash a Car With a Pressure Washer

The first step to washing a car using a pressure washer is to purchase a high-pressure hose that is equipped with a black soap nozzle. You should spray the soap onto your car about two to three feet away, starting from the bottom. For the hardest dirt and stubborn brake dust, close cleaning may be necessary. Then, allow the soap to sit on the surface of your car for a few minutes before wiping it off.

The second step in washing a car with a pressure washer is to disconnect water lines and drain the machine completely. This will avoid standing water that could cause corrosion and bacteria. Pressure washers are also great tools for cleaning your car after a snowstorm. Always use a quality automotive shampoo to prevent abrasions on your car’s paintwork. If you plan to use a foam cannon to wash your car, make sure to use one with a good biography.

Another important step in washing your car with a pressure washer is to choose a lower PSI. While pressure washers can produce up to 1900 PSI, this is too high for car washing. Most pressure washers allow you to adjust the output pressure. To reduce spot pressure, use the proper nozzle. The nozzle is what spreads the water over the entire surface and reduces the amount of pressure on a specific area.

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