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How to Help Your Senior Parents Stay Independent

Living independently can often become more of a struggle for people as they get older, compared to when they were younger. Many seniors begin to require more assistance completing everyday tasks, and some may have additional health and medical care needs that require professional support. If you are caring for your parents and have noticed that they are struggling more, and you’re becoming less able to provide the support that they need, then it may be time to consider the various things that you can do to help them thrive and be more independent in their later life.

Assisted Living

Assisted living in Trumbull CT can be an ideal choice for seniors who want to remain as independent as possible but have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that assistance is on hand if they need it. Assisted living offers smaller accommodation types such as apartments that are much easier for seniors to manage on their own. Along with this, there are staff on site to provide help with things like cooking, household tasks and grocery shopping making life much easier.

Mobility Tools

If your main concern for your parents is that they are struggling to get around easily or are not able to get out of the house as often as they would like, then there are a range of mobility tools that may be able to help. For example, electric wheelchairs are a great choice for seniors when it comes to getting around and making small trips if they are no longer able to walk for very long.

Home Caregivers

Hiring a home caregiver can be another option to consider if your parents prefer the idea of aging in place and want to stay in their own home but do need some extra help and support. There are various types of home care that you can go for, including live-in caregivers that will be available for your parents around the clock, to caregivers that visit on a regular basis.

Memory Care

If your main worry for your parents is that they are struggling to live in their home due to conditions such as dementia that might impact memory and other cognitive functions, memory care might be worth considering. These facilities are very similar to assisted living facilities, but with additional security and services that are designed for residents with dementia and other degenerative conditions that may affect their state of mind.

Home Modifications

Finally, for those who have parents who are insistent on staying in their home as long as possible, adapting the home to make it easier for them to manage might be an ideal choice. For example, some seniors are fine at home but might have problems getting upstairs, in which case adding a stairlift or moving bedrooms and bathrooms to the ground floor can be a worthwhile adaptation to make.

As you can see, there are many different ways to encourage your senior parents to stay independent. You just need to find what works for them.

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