How to Determine the Cost of SEO Services

If you’ve decided to employ SEO services for your business, the next step is determining your budget. While some options are cheaper than others, they may not be as effective as you want them to be. To determine what to expect from your search engine optimization budget, check out the case studies and track record of the agency. It is best to go beyond vanity metrics and consider more tangible outcomes, such as sales and conversions from organic search.

SEO costs depend on your business size and current SEO status, as well as the extent of the work needed. For example, a small business with no SEO history should expect to pay more than a larger company with a lot of backlinks and existing content. Ultimately, you must determine what your budget is, and then determine whether or not you can afford to outsource SEO to a professional agency. If you cannot afford to outsource SEO, it is a good idea to work with an agency that offers a range of packages and services.

The cost of SEO services varies widely. A smaller company with an uncomplicated website and low competition can afford a $500 monthly package. Larger companies can spend $8-12K per month for a comprehensive SEO strategy. In order to obtain good search engine rankings, a high-quality SEO strategy should focus on quality content, link building, and an emphasis on conversion optimization, usability, and accessibility. While some agencies offer these services at a lower cost, this does not mean they are worth their salt.

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