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How to Create a Beautiful Garden

There is hope if you love gardening but hate spending hours each week tending to it. The best solution for the busy gardener is to take advantage of plants that can care for themselves. Some might even say that gardens should be built around these self-sufficient plants. These are plants that attract butterflies and bees, and they help to provide food and shelter for birds. When kept in a garden, they attract insects that provide beneficial pests and disease controls.

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It’s important to realize that gardens are not only about planting flowers. There are many ornamental plants, shrubs, vines, and trees to create a look of beauty in your garden that busy people often overlook. What do you need? An understanding of the best plants for your yard, a plan of action, time, and money.

If you love gardening, but hate spending hours each week tending to it, there is hope if you take note of these gardening tips.

1) Plan Your Garden

It can be useful to develop a plan of action for what you will do with your garden. For example, does your garden currently provide an area for growing vegetables? What else do you need? Do you need to add a fence or create a patio? Do you have the right plants, such as herbs or flowers, that provide food, drink, or natural remedies that benefit your family? Is it best to plant native plants with their seasonal growth, so you can enjoy them throughout the year, or do you want everything to grow in one season and then be dormant in another?

2) Install Fencing

Define the boundary of your yard with a fence, choose the best type, and make sure you can get it installed easily. A new fence will make you feel like you have a whole new yard. A fence can define your garden, keep out unwanted guests, keep your children safe, and give them their own space to play or run around in. Once installed, your garden will look organized. Installation can be challenging, so it’s recommended to find an installation company and try a local online search for fence installation St. Louis.

3) Add Pathways

You don’t need a formal garden path, but you will want to add a route through the garden that you can take off your shoes before entering the house and put them on when you get to the other end of the path, so that your feet are protected from any thorns or burrs in the soil.

4) Garden-in-a-Box

These are kits of plants that can be planted together in one container. They might be seeds, or they could be shrubs, bushes, and vines. Some plants like to take up space, so they might need to be spaced at least 6 to 10 feet apart. If you want full control over each plant and room for vegetables, plant a garden full of vegetables in raised beds, or even your garden, if you have space.

If you want to create a long-lasting, beautiful garden, there are many plants to choose from. Some might be better suited for your climate, while others can be brought indoors during the cold months. The best thing to do is experiment with different plants and see what will grow in your area.

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