How legal are lane splitting and filtering in Georgia?

On congested Atlanta highways, it would be nice if you could avoid the traffic. In theory, you can if you ride a motorcycle. A motorcycle can maneuver through car lanes to avoid traffic congestion.


The act of riding a motorcycle between lanes of traffic is known as lane splitting. Similar action is lane filtering. It entails cutting across lanes of traffic that are stopped or moving slowly.

A violation of Georgia’s lane splitting and filtering laws is prohibited. Georgia’s Motor Vehicles and Traffic Code 40-6-312 prohibits motorcycle riders from driving between lanes of traffic or between rows or lines of surrounding traffic. In compliance with this law, police officers are exempt.

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Atlanta bikers should be aware of additional motorcycle laws

Riders should be aware of the following additional motorcycle restrictions in addition to the fact that lane filtering and lane splitting are prohibited in Georgia:


  • To drive a two- or three-wheeled motorbike, a rider needs a Class M license.

  • Headlights and taillights must always be on for riders.

  • Vehicles in the same lane as the one being passed cannot be passed by motorcycles.

  • With a maximum of two motorcycles riding side-by-side, riders are permitted to travel together in the same lane.

  • Only motorcycles designed to carry passengers can do so.

  • A motorcycle helmet is required by law in Georgia.

  • If the motorcycle’s windscreen does not provide eye protection, riders must use goggles or other eye gear.

  • Georgian motorcycle riders must be covered by the necessary vehicle liability insurance.

When riding a motorbike, riders should think about wearing protective gear. Boots, gloves, and clothes can all be considered protective gear. Some injuries in a motorbike collision may be less likely thanks to gear.

What Makes Lane Splitting Prohibited in Georgia?

Lane splitting worddocx is forbidden in many states. Some claim that the practice is hazardous. Allowing a cyclist to ride in the center of lanes and weave around traffic could result in an accident.

However, some people also think that lane splitting is a secure technique that could lessen some motorbike accidents.

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