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Pngme is a fintech company that focuses on building a data infrastructure for banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies in sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s platform allows these organizations to process billions of data points from hundreds of banks and financial institutions in the region. According to the company, its data infrastructure has processed more than a billion data points from these institutions. Currently, the company is raising a Series A round of funding from Octopus Ventures, EchoVC Partners, Raptor Group, and Two Small Fish Ventures.

Pngme’s platform caters to fintechs and other financial institutions across sub-Saharan Africa

Pngme’s platform helps banks and financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa collect data. The firm provides developers with a scalable API architecture and out-of-the-box machine learning models. This allows them to build enhanced credit reports. It also unbundles financial data for banks to access.

With this funding, Pngme plans to continue to grow its machine learning-as-a-service platform and expand its global executive team. It will also add new members to its sales and engineering teams.

One of Pngme’s main focus areas is to help FinTechs collect, analyze, and share user data. It does this by unbundling financial data and enabling digital banks to collect and share data on borrowers and their financial activities. In addition, the company offers tools to help financial institutions build enhanced credit reports, as well as a lending data API.

Other companies operating in the financial data infrastructure space include VPD Money and Moove. These firms offer digital financial services and unify bank account and wallet experiences. They also provide services like remittances, savings, and pensions.

Investors include Octopus Ventures, EchoVC Partners, Raptor Group, and Two Small Fish Ventures

Pngme is a machine learning-as-a-service platform that helps financial data providers to collect data and analyze it. The company uses a mobile SDK and API that enables its customers to collect, organize, and analyze financial data at scale. Its solutions are designed to increase the lifetime value of its customers.

Pngme recently raised $15 million in Series A funding. This brings the total investment for the startup to $18.5 million. The company plans to use the funds to expand its engineering and product teams and to grow its executive team.

As a result, the company has hired a new chief strategy officer, Lorraine Kageni Maina. She is a former banker with experience in sub-Saharan Africa.

The company also added Nick Masson, a former senior engineer at Google news247 com, as its new chief technology officer. The new position will help to ensure that Pngme’s financial data infrastructure can scale.

Pngme’s data infrastructure has processed billions of data points from hundreds of financial institutions across sub-Saharan Africa

Pngme is a fintech startup based in San Francisco that provides a data infrastructure for financial institutions to collect, aggregate, and analyze users’ financial information. The company has recently secured $15 million in Series A funding, which will help the company scale their products, expand globally, and hire more executives.

According to a press release, the money will be used to “grow and enhance the firm’s executive team, sales, and engineering teams.” Additionally, the investment will enable the firm to expand its business in Kenya and Nigeria, allowing them to develop and grow their machine learning-as-a-service platform and other offerings

The company says it aims to create a more sophisticated version of its technology, bringing together machine learning models and digital data pipelines to create a holistic view of an individual’s finances. In addition, the company plans to develop more advanced tools to allow financial institutions to build enhanced credit reports, lower defaults, and increase lifetime value.

Pngme’s growth strategy

Pngme, a fintech API startup that works in Africa, recently raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Octopus Ventures. Other investors included Future Africa, Raptor Group, Lateral Capital, and individual angels.

Pngme is a financial data infrastructure platform that allows fintechs to collect data from banks at scale. The company has processed billions of data points from financial institutions. It has also partnered with digital financial platforms, such as Simplefi and Kuda. Currently, its key target customers include credit bureaus and traditional banks

Pngme’s service is used by financial institutions in Nigeria and South Africa. It is designed to help customers manage their accounts, and offer personalized financial products. Using its SDK, users can access real-time data

Pngme has already processed billions of data points, and has partnered with credit bureaus and tier one African Banks. The platform combines data from these third-party infrastructures to create unique customer profiles. As a result, Pngme has found traction with these customers, as well as with fintech startups worldnewsite.

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