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The Pngme Sub Saharan Series is a new investment fund that was established by Octopus Ventures. The fund will invest in startups and entrepreneurs in Africa. It has already funded several projects in Nigeria and South Africa, and is working towards a funding of US$15 million in its first round. Read more about its investment strategies, its product, its investors, and its founders.


Pngme is a financial data infrastructure company that combines financial data from different sources. It provides an API and an SDK that enables users to access real-time financial data. This includes income and transaction information, as well as alternative credit scoring data. In addition, it allows users to verify the identities of customers and monitor their balances. The platform also includes a suite of developer tools.

Pngme is based in San Francisco, California, and is targeting African markets. Among its current clients are banks in Nigeria and South Africa. Also, it is working with credit bureaus and Fintech startups.

Pngme is looking to expand its customer base and third-party data connections in sub-Saharan Africa. It is aiming to integrate with large corporate banks, MFBs, and credit bureaus. To achieve this goal, it is expanding its sales team globally. It is also hiring new executives.

US$15 million in Series A funding

Pngme is an African fintech startup based in San Francisco and Lagos. The company is best known for its customer management platform, which provides a one stop shop for a myriad of data driven products and services. Among its customer base are traditional and digital financial platforms. Its most recent round of funding consists of US$15 million in Series A funding, led by Octopus Ventures, with participation from Raptor Group, Two Small Fish Ventures and Lateral Capital. Founder and CEO Cate Rung is a veteran of the fintech industry with experience at companies like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Capital One.

In the realm of fintech, Pngme is a cut above the rest. This round of funding has brought the total amount raised since its founding to a tidy sum of about US$18 million.

Tier-one banks in Nigeria and South Africa

Pngme is a fintech startup with a mission to bring financial data infrastructure to Africa. It offers a machine learning as a service platform, which allows financial institutions to collect financial data at scale.

The company has been working with several African banks to enhance their technology. Some of the key partners include Credpal, Simplefi, Kuda Bank Renmoney, TransUnion Africa and Fidelity Bank.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and has offices in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Africa. In addition to its core products, Pngme provides a robust financial data infrastructure.

Pngme’s data infrastructure is built to handle billions of data points from the banking sector. It is designed to fuel customized products and services buxic. The company is also building an out-of-the-box machine learning platform.


Pngme is a machine learning-as-a-service platform that helps financial institutions gather and process financial data. It offers three core products to help its customers. These include an API, a mobile SDK, and a Customer Management Platform. The platform enables data processing pipelines, allowing financial companies to gather and analyze financial data at scale.

According to TechCrunch, Pngme’s model is based on the notion that financial services will be increasingly digitized. Specifically, it is looking to provide its clients with the ability to check the identities of their customers, send alerts if they are missing payments, and track their balances. By integrating their own financial data with third-party data, Pngme aims to drive adoption of personalized financial products.

Pngme’s customers range from small-scale fintech startups to traditional banks. In addition to providing data, the company also aims to improve customer service. It has partnerships with digital financial platforms like Simplefi, Kuda, and Credpal.


Pngme is an African-focused fintech firm that launched in San Francisco. The company offers data infrastructure and developer tools for the next generation of financial services. It aims to help banks and other financial institutions to acquire alternative financial data and build personalised financial products.

Pngme’s founder and CEO, Brendan Playford, says that his firm’s platform makes it easy for financial institutions to combine different sources of financial data. He believes that Pngme’s machine learning model distinguishes it from other platforms.

Pngme is focused on providing actionable financial data, and it caters to clients in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. The fintech is looking to expand its global presence and increase its customer base.

Pngme offers a set of data pipelines, machine learning tools, and a suite of developer tools. These tools can be integrated with other financial APIs to create tailored financial products. With Pngme’s solutions, banks and other financial institutions can gain an understanding of the behaviour of individual consumers. They can monitor transactions, send alerts for missed payments, and track balances 52av.

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