Can I Run Trailer Tires on My Car?

A common misconception is that you can mount trailer tires on your car’s original tires. This is simply not true. Car and trailer tires are built differently, with different internal structures. While you can use the same tire size, you may be risking a blowout. To make matters worse, your car tire may not last long. In order to avoid this problem, you should install a trailer tire specifically designed for your car. NTB, a national tire company, has many locations throughout the country that can fit the trailer tire you need.

Trailer tires are not compatible with your vehicle’s wheels. Vehicle wheels have different mounting patterns and weight ratings than trailer tires. They have different sidewalls and tread widths. To run the tires properly, you should use a vehicle tire with the appropriate mounting pattern. The weight rating of a trailer tire will vary, so it is vital that you have the right size to avoid a blowout. You should also avoid using a trailer tire with a lower tire pressure.

The speed rating of a trailer tire is indicated on the sidewall. This range extends from the lightest weight to the heaviest weight. The load range is an indication of the individual tire’s capacity. Boat trailer tires typically have a load range of B, C, or D. This means that two tires with the same load range can carry up to 3,640 pounds. Hence, it is important to read the trailer tire speed rating before running trailer tires on your car’s tires.

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