Can a Judge Be a Practicing Attorney at Times?

The answer to the question “Can a judge be a practicing attorney at times” depends on the specific state. Although the law does not prohibit judges from practicing law, they must be impartial in their decision making. However, it is important to note that some judges do engage in other law-related activities that can impair their impartiality. Judges can teach, speak, or write on the subject, but only with the approval of their chief judge, presiding judge, or supervising judge Giniloh.

Judges may not engage in business dealings and cannot engage in fund-raising activities. But they can serve as a director, officer, or trustee of a nonprofit organization. They must also follow the other requirements of this Part. In addition to this, judges should not engage in direct solicitation of funds bet6. They may also serve as board members or officers of other organizations. However, these activities must not conflict with their judicial duties.

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