Can a 165 Inch Truck Tire Be Stretched to Fit on a 16 Inch Rim?

The process of stretching tires is not without danger. The process azar can alter the geometry of a tire, changing the way it contacts the road and makes it wear out faster. If the tire is too stretched, it could also blow a cord, exposing the metal wires inside it and causing it to rupture. In the worst case, a stretched tire can cause the mydailypapers vehicle to lose control of its steering.

Although tire stretching has a negative connotation, it is more common than you might think. With proper guidance, you can stretch a 165 inch truck tire to fit on a 16 inch rim with little difficulty. However, you should know that this technique newsincs is not a legal way to modify a tire. It can result in an unsatisfactory stance and may even void your insurance.

The rim size of your vehicle will determine the tire’s size. This number is determined by the wheel diameter. A tire designed for a 16 inch wheel will not stretch to fit an 18 inch rim. The next number in the tire size number is the load index, which tells us how much weight the tire can carry. If the load index is low, the tire will not stretch and may onethink actually cause problems with steering and suspension.

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