3 Must Have Things to Create a Cat Haven

It can be hard to please baby cats and rambunctious kitties, but not impossible. If you plan on bringing a little kitty home, transform the place into a cat haven before welcoming it.

This way, you will be doing much service to yourself in the sense that your furball will have attractive things to play with and hence spares your furniture, clothes, socks, and other scratchable and chewable items.

Also, consider being equipped with pet insurance because kitties can often get into trouble with their endless exploratory activities. Pet insurance for cats allows you to support your feline with timely medical care during distressing health situations and emergencies with little economic burden, so contemplate purchasing a policy.

In the meantime, read this article to learn about a few must-have things in a kitty haven.

Decorating your home with cat-loving objects can keep it playful and occupied, help burn extra calories, lower its destructive behaviors, and give enough reasons to stay inside the house.

A kitty having plenty of distractions, toys, and other curious things around is likely to be happy, satisfied, and healthy. Also, exciting things in the environment can help reduce a feline’s stress and anxiety and make it feel more safe and comfortable wotpost.

Consider adding the below-mentioned things to your home so your furry family member appreciates you.

1.Window perch

If you have a room with a good view of the outside world, let your kitty spend time there. Your cat can leisurely watch birds flying in the sky or sit on trees outside your window, chase away squirrels, and do much more.

Bay windows and windows with prominent sills can accommodate your cat. However, when that is not the case, consider installing window perches so your pet can lounge on them, soak in the sunshine, or just observe things happening on the other side of the window.

2.Hiding spots

Feline fur babies love jumping, chasing, leaping, and reaching high places. If you don’t provide sufficient vantage points, it is more likely to climb onto your refrigerator, furniture tops, dressers, and high shelves to satisfy its instincts.

Place some cat trees around your home and install wall perches so your munchkin can retreat when it needs some rest or privacy. Cat trees are available in various designs; most have cubby hiding spots, ledges to relax on, dangling toys, and scratch posts that can help keep a feline content.

3.Comfy nooks

Kitties would want to get into remote and cozy corners to escape the noise, guests, unfamiliar people, animals, changing circumstances, and stress. So, provide your cat with just that.

A plush bed in your room corner, the area under or behind the sofa, a crate in a distant room, and a hammock in your study room are some warm places your cat can seek refuge during surprising situations.

Additionally, you can have steps leading to walkways just below the ceiling, wooden bridges, and other fun things for your cat. At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance because fur babies are unpredictable, and accidents and health issues are even more.

Pet insurance for cats covers a frisky feline’s testing, treatments, and medications during testing times of health and emergencies, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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